• John Davis

Never, Ever Wax Again

With our car coating, you will never face the daunting task of waxing or polishing again. Yes, you heard me right! With our coating, a thin layer of protection and shine is added on the clear coat. This results in a mirror finish shine that roars back with a simple wash.

You may or may not know, but waxing is not the healthiest activity to protect your car paint and clear coat. Most times, wax is added by polishing the car with buffers. These buffers spin at a high speed AND they tear into the clear coat. After multiple polishes, your clear coat gets damaged and compromised. Have you seen older car that are dull and incredibly faded...this is most likely from over buffing and polishing.

With our coating, this wax, polishing and buffing is eliminated. Just wash your car and the incredible shine roars back, year after year. We even give you a warranty...your choice of 5 year or even 10 year warranties are available. We stand behind not only our work but our shine.

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