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Free Test Panel

Ever wonder what Sierra Glow coating would actually look like on your car.  How much better would it look?  Would the shine be spectacular?  Would I have a World Class Shine?

Now you don't need to wonder.  We will coat a panel (of your choosing) on your car for FREE. Then, you can see and compare. 

No guessing 

  No estimating 

 No wondering

There are no terms or conditions.  You only need to have an appointment.  We need between 20 - 40 minutes for this task.  There is no pressure.  Fill out the form and we will contact you about your appointment.  Easy/Peasy!

Sierra Glow will create a World Class Shine, a mirror finish on your car.  You can see the difference and the incredible Limo Shine.  Also, you select the panel that you want coated.  Take your car home and show it to your friends, discuss it with your partner or parents.  When you are ready to commit, call us again.  If you decide to coat after your free trial, we are ready to perform. Easy/Peasy!

Free Test Form

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