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Ceramic  is Just a Word













All car coating consists of silicon dioxide, SiO2.  This is the chemical formula for silicon.  Si is one of the most common chemical found on our planet.  We find it in sand and glass. In the early days of car coating (2005 - 2010), many companies called their car coating chemical, glass coating.  This word  glass is more correct than Ceramic as at least glass mainly consists of silicon.  It has always seemed strange that so many coating companies use this word ceramic.

Some companies call their coating quartz, diamond or titanium.  Like Ceramic, there is no quartz, diamond or titanium in any of their SiO2.  None, nada!  By calling itself ceramic, however, it has worked out well for certain companies that use "Ceramic" in their name.  If you can brand car coating as "ceramic coating" why would a potential customer not want the origin, the best, the real ceramic?  So, they google ceramic coating.

It reminds me of the Xerox story.  In the olden days of photocopying, a large company named Xerox promoted the hell out of their machines.  So much so (they spent millions and millions) photocopying became known as xeroxing.  They cornered the market.  

Another word is nano?  Is your coating nano?  Nano coating is suppose to be the best.  Well, all coating silicon is nano.  Nano is just a science sounding word meaning micro small.  The molecules are incredibly small.   If your coating is "nano" you have the best coating available.  The big news about nano is that all SiO2 is nano is just a word for small molecules.

Many potential customers to car coating can easily be influenced by words and claims of the car coating companies.  So many of these companies remind me of the claims of used car salesman.  As most of us know, used car salesman have a amazing reputation for deceit, lying and exaggeration.  If a used car salesman tells you to "trust him" you had better think twice or become at least skeptical.  Take what they say with "a grain of salt."  Likewise, don't be fooled with the words ceramic, quartz, titanium, diamond as these are just words to make you think their coating is HARD!  But, these are just words.

Up Next:  What is in coating? (and it isn't ceramic)


Ceramic as in Ceramic Coating is Just  a Word.  There is no ceramic in coating.  And, would having ceramic in coating be advantageous?  Pottery, plate  are made of strong are they?  Drop a pot and watch it smash into a thousand pieces.  With millions of dollars in advertising, ceramic has become the buzz word for car coating.  Is it Ceramic?  Many customers will ask. 

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