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Many doubt or don't understand the advantages of Blue Flame with Deep Gloss Charge (D.G.C.). Actually with paint and glass primer silica there is a long, long history.  Even today, BMW uses Blue Flame Technology on their car paint.  That is why their paint is so famous!  Milo tin cans are so famous for their shine and brightness...How?  Blue Flame.  In short, many industries uses Blue Flame if they want their paint to last and really shine! We are the first company to compact it and apply this nano technology to the car coating industry.

The impact and results of Blue Flame can't be under-estimated.  Blue Flame creates Deep Depth Wet Gloss Shine...the look every car owners want.  

With DGC and Blue Flame,  Sierra Glow is the indisputable leader in creating shine.  We have many names for our shine:  Limo Shine, Better Than Showroom, Mirror Sharp Finish, Wet Glossy Look, Shine to Ipoh and Back and many more.  Owners often break into a special smile upon seeing their newly coated car for the first time.  We call it Sierra Shine Smile.  They can't believe it as they have NEVER seen shine like this before

How does it work?

The Blue Flame Calibrator throws a thin layer of super-charged nano particles of primer silica onto the paint or clear coat surface.  This layer of silica has many benefits:

1.  Repairs and Revitalizes Clear Coat

2.  Creates Deep Wet Gloss

3.  Fills in all the micro-porous blemishes that exists on the paint surface.

4.  Burns off all the excess impurities that lie on the paint surface.

5.  Creates an strong bond between the paint/clear coat AND the coating that       we apply after the Blue Flame.

With this Blue Flame Treatment, a glossy wet shine is created with tremendous hydrophobic properties.  Wow!

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