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Beyond Shine: Glisten

There is fantastic interest in car shine.  While many detailers can create shine, non seem to come close to the Sierra Shine created by Sierra Glow.  Why is this? #mirror finish

While we don't criticize other companies and what they do or don't do, we can point out what and how we create the shine that is the envy of the car coating world.  When we say "We do "The Best" Shine, we are simply being honest. #best car coating

First, we recognize that our main job is to create shine.  Over 80% of our work is dedicated to this.  The Flaming and the Coating we do are the finishing work elements that come only after spectacular shine has been created. We are in no rush in this effort as our coating locks in the shine, so obviously we need to create stunning shine before the final coating steps.

Second, we use lotions instead of harsh, gritty polishing compounds.  We are unique in this and this is the secret to our shine success.  Our lotions are all water based which work gently into the clear coat to smooth out the rough swirls, water marks, scratches or other paint imperfections.  The key element of our lotions is that they are gentle.  We know from years of experience that harsh oil based compounds can create shine and reduce imperfections, they also do this work by taking off a thin layer of the clear coat. #don't wax #best car coating


Protect Clear Coat at all costs

By using various gentle lotions to do our work of creating shine, we are committed to NOT damaging the clear coat at all costs.  In addition to our lotions, we have another tool in our basket.

We only use dual action orbital polishers.  These polishers only spin at a maximum of 500 RPM.  While normal polishers spin at more than 2000 RPM, our slow dual action polishers work gently to create shine.  A high speed polisher not only does damage to the clear coat, but also create high heat that can weaken the paint adhesion onto the metal.  This is extremely dangerous.  When you see wavy paint or bubble in the paint, usually a high speed buffer/polisher is the cause. Our dual action orbital polishers.  High speed buffers also create "aurora."  This is a halo optical illusion that hover above the paint and can be seen on sunny days.

Our dual action orbital polishers are made under the guidance of our Mr. T. Sato.  He has worked in conjunction with large scale polishing company to engineer a polisher perfected exclusively for the polishing task.  While many polishers are orbital in the car detailing industry, very few use dual action with such a low torque speed or 500 RPM.  But with this equipment we are able to coax the shine right out of the clear coat without harming or damaging  or thinning the clear coat.  We love clear coat and it is our commitment to protect it as best we can!


Third, our workers and craftsmen tackle creating shine as a well honed team.  We give it a thorough deep clean that uses ph balanced shampoos, gentle clay bar techniques, and even tooth brushes to clean wheel spokes, grills and other small crevices.  Once thoroughly washed, polishing begins.  Once polishing is finished, we will deep clean/wash/shampoo again in order to rid all lotion residues on the car paint.  Then, the car is dried.

Fourth, most car owners will select our Blue Flame Treatment.  This is an amazing breakthrough in the car coating industry.  By coating your car with a thin layer of super-charged silica, an amazing result occurs.  All micro imperfections in the paint are smoothed over.  The paint layer becomes incredibly silky and smooth as there is no roughness left.  Also, the  flame burns off all surface impurities.  The thin layer of glass silica creates a fantastic bond so when we coat the car, the coating creates a seamless bond between the our coating and the original clear coat.  

Blue Flame creates a fantastic layer of gloss.  The wet glossy look is really sought after by most detailers, but few can create it with just polishing alone.  Sierra Glow uses the Blue Flame treatment to create binding, smoothness as well as gloss.  We have a name for our gloss...glisten.  Yes, your car will glisten.  

Finally, once we have created the paint surface glisten, we want to lock in the perfect work we have done.  We do this with either SG6 or Luminosity car coating.  We have two choices. Both are great and recommend.  While Luminosity is the ultimate in car coating material, SG 6 is fantastic as well.  We do give a 10 year warranty with Luminosity.

The key to both of these coating is that we take the extra effort to make our coating pure, SiO2.  This is important and allow us to complete your car in several hours as we have no excess or extended drying time.  When you use pure SiO2, you get a better shine and a stronger coating.  We don't use fillers or chemicals to dilute our coating.  While the effort to create purity is more expensive, the result is well worth it.  We create the purity by heating our coating to over 1,000 degree celsius.  This extra step result in the best shine (Glisten) in the market today.  We just don't believe in diluting our SiO2 just to make a quick buck.

This is how we create Glisten, and this is why you should trust Sierra Glow. We take no short cuts.

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