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Sierra Glow has a most interesting history.  The coating and polishing compounds were invented by a famous Japanese chemist and car enthusiast, Mr. Sato.  Sato-san is no ordinary chemist as he applies and uses what he invents.  But he is a chemist and had no time  or patience for the boring work of marketing and company development.  These activities took him away from his racing, car perfection and chemistry.  These are his passion. 

He wanted others to enjoy and appreciate his work.  He really wanted others to use his inventions.  So, he contacted an old friend of his, Mr. Yoshio.  Yoshio san contacted his Singapore relative and business entrepreneur, Ivan Hoo.  Ivan contacted and discussed setting up a car coating company with a few of his business associates, an Sierra Glow was born.

The advantage of Sierra Glow is that we have a world class chemist who constantly is improving our products.  In fact, we are on our 7th generation of car coating in our 12 year...a new coating is introduced every year and a half.  Mr. Sato latest coating are a marvel and unparalleled in the world car coating market as they are 98.5% pure.  No other SiO2 even comes close to this purity level.

Mr. Sato is most proud of his polishing compounds as these compounds are radically different.  They are not rough or "gritty" as other compounds.  Sato's compounds work completely different as they are not made to "crash" the clear coat and rub it off, but rather to gently buff the clear coat to mildly restore the finish.  When combined with our Sato designed dual action orbital polisher, we achieve a shine that has specific names: Limo Shine, Glossy Wet Shine, Mirror Sharp Finish and Better than Showroom. 

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Incredibly we have 6 polishing compounds that we regularly use.  When you feel our polishing compounds there is no grittiness or alcohol smell like other compounds.  When used with our dual action polishers, we have managed to cut down the polishing, restoring time by 40%.  While we will take about 5 hours to complete your car, no other company has the shine that we create.  Thank you, Mr. Sato.

All our product and equipment are manufactured in Japan.  We want to use the very best and Japan is well known as the best in the car coating industry.  They love their cars! #car coating Malaysia #car coating Indonesia

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Sierra Glow is known for many "Firsts." First to:

  • use "inorganic" coating

  • only use dual action orbital polishers.

  • manufacture a coating with almost 100% purity.  No VOC or smells.

  • offer a no nonsense 5 or 10 year warranty.

  • name our car coating as a brand, Luminosity.

  • use Blue Flame Treatment Technology to achieve the Glossy Wet Look.

  • have 6 different polishing lotions to target defects and hardness.

  • post hundreds of videos highlighting our work on YouTube.

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T. Sato 

Chemist, Inventor

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Ivan Hoo

Managing Director

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Z K Tan

Chief Operations Officer


John Davis


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Hikmah Agus S

Indonesia Dev. Officer

David Chan

USJ Chief Officer

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Yoshio Kanai



Rimba Kusuma

CEO, Indonesia


Jason Teh

Customer Support


A great organization needs a fantastic team and patient/understanding leadership.  Sierra Glow is blessed with a team that crosses the World with Singaporean, Japanese, American and Malaysian members.  We have a devotion and commitment to providing the ultimate in car coating services. Our prices are very affordable because we are the manufacturer of our products.  We don't have a middleman, and more importantly, our chemist, Mr. Sato is an inventor.  We are the industrial leader. 

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