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Blue Flame 2.0 with DGC

Introducing Blue Flame 2.0 with DGC. DGC is our revolutionary car coating technology that revitalizes, repairs and smoothen the clear coat.  In short, it makes the clear coat perfect! Watch video.

Out of this world shine!


Lexus Meets Blue Flame

Creating a "mirror finish" shine requires great equipment, non-damaging polishing compounds, dual action orbital polishers and skill.  After the shine is fantastic, next comes Blue Flame.  Amazing!

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Protect Paint


 Your Investment

Confused about coating?

Short video to explain what is car coating and the benefits:


  • Just wash your car and the shine returns.

  • No oxidation or fading of paint

  • Paint protected

  • Smooth finish so dirt stick easily

  • Shine is rich, deep and glossy wet


Protect Paint from Elements

Acid Rain

Bird Poo

Blazing Sun

UV Rays


Limo Shine

Best Shine

Easy Clean

Sierra Shine

Lotus Effect

Glossy Wet

Mirror Finish

Water Sheeting

Better Than Showroom

Our Coating Packages


  1. Advanced 

  2. Superior   

  3. Ultimate   

Car Side Mirror

Mirror Sharp Finish

 We have workshops all over Asia:

China, Indonesia, Hong Kong

Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand 

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