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BlueFlame 2.0 is our second generation of glass primer silica treatment. BlueFlame has been used for dozens of years to highlight paint shine, create fantastic adhesion and a wet glossy shine. BlueFlame treatment for paint has been widely used in the paint industry. Sierra Glow revolution was in miniaturizing the large industrial flame to fit in a backpack! We create an incredible bond between your car's clear coat and our car coating.  This results in our coat bonding to you car; therefore, lasting longer and shining more.

Blue Flame is not coating, it is used prior to coating. After we polish your car to a fine SMOOTH surface, we bring out the Blue Flame. This is three main effects:

1. The supercharged glass primer makes the surface extra smooth. It fills in all the micro-porous blemished. Blue Flame creates hydrophobia (water repellancy).

2. It creates an incredible bond between the clear coat and the so-to-be applied car coating. This make the coat adhere and bond to the car paint surface. Now, the coating is fixed.

3. A BlueFlame surfaced car results in the coating to have a wet glossy shine that is awesome. We can't describe it, just take a look to see and you will be amazed. Guaranteed!

Water Drops

Our Coating is 98.5% pure

Thick, Strong & Long Lasting

All 3 of our amazing coating achieve the highest purity levels. . It is thick, long lasting and one layer is more than enough. It creates a deep, rich shine that lasts. Never wax or polish your car again. Our SG 6 , Luminosity and Velocity Coating all create fantastic hydrophobic water beading effect.  This means your car stays cleaner longer. We have 3 great programs:

1. Advanced: SG 6

2. Superior: Blue Flame + SG 6

3. Ultimate: Blue Flame + Luminosity

  • Warranty: Advanced and Superior come with a 5 year warranty.  Ultimate offers a 10 year warranty!


Perfect Water Bead

Perfect Water

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We are able to keep our prices low as we are not only the inventor, and order directly with the Japanese manufacturer.  Sierra Glow also manufactures the only 98.5% pure SiO2 coating in the world. This coating is thickest and strongest as we heat our coating to over a 1000 degree celisus to burn off all impurities.  While this adds to manufacturing cost, one layer of our coating is more than enough to protect paint and give incredible shine.

We base our price on the size of your car.  Obviously larger cars take our craftsmen longer

to clean, polish and coat than a smaller car.  As a large part of our price is labour, car size makes a big difference in the price.  Click here to get a free estimate.

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.



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